About Us


We both grew up on family farms and our passion for pigs started when John was young and his parents had pigs on their property. Together we started farming pigs as a hobby in 2013 with just two sows and our first boar, who was affectionately known as ‘The Unit’. We were struck by the intelligence and unique personalities of the pigs and felt there was a strong future in producing ethical and sustainable pork. And so, Grunt Pork was born.

We both studied agricultural degrees at the University of Sydney in Orange, NSW and on completion we set out working across New South Wales in farm management roles on broadacre properties and in agribusiness banking and finance. Then in 2015 we decide to combine our skills to pursue our own farming dream and purchased a property near Narrandera, NSW.

We are passionate about agriculture, local produce and regional Australia. We are committed to raising our animals ethically and caring for our land using industry best practices.  


Grunt Farm

Named for the noise the pigs make, which is much more of a grunt than an oink, Grunt Farm is run as a hybrid operating system. Grunt Farm is operated using dual animal husbandry housing methods, so the pigs get the best of both worlds.

John has a Certificate in Free Range Pig Management and Handling and Grunt Farm’s hybrid operating system combines free range and traditional pig farming methods. This means the animals are offered extended protection from the elements and predators at their most vulnerable stages while also giving each and every pig the experience of time outside for enjoying the sunshine, wallowing, digging and exploring. All of Grunt Farm’s sows also live outdoors while they are pregnant.


Grunt Pigs

Grunt Farm’s pigs are a mixed hybrid; a cross of the Large white, Landrace and Duroc breeds. This cross gives superior meat quality and durability. Mothering ability is also a major attribute in the cross which allows for good growth and less stress on young piglets. Durability is a big factor when running pigs outdoors as the elements can be hard on them particularly in the summer-time, when heat stress and sunburn become factors. This is why Grunt Farm chooses to run coloured sows. The colour comes from the Duroc breed in the cross which adds the hardiness to our sows.


Feed for the pigs is prepared on farm in accordance with diets supplied by an animal nutritionist. This feed is milled on farm fresh each week in small batches to ensure the highest nutritional benefits for our Grunt Farm Pigs. A great deal of care, time and effort is put into nutritional planning each day to ensure the pigs are fed correctly.


Grunt Pork

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality meat and that means the pork comes from animals that are well cared for and who live on land that is maintained to the highest possible standards.

We strive to bring great value, ethically raised, tasty meat to your table that you know the story of, from paddock to plate. We are pleased to offer you fresh pork and other pork products handcrafted by us to your fork. We are passionate about showcasing Aussie pork and celebrating the versatility and deliciousness of all forms of the pork protein.