Christmas Grazing Selection

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One of the easiest ways to entertain this Christmas is with a grazing platter, our Christmas Grazing Selection is a variety of charcuterie to fill that board or platter with delicious smallgoods. 

Included in the selection is a stick of Codemo Smallgoods Cacciatore-mild, a half stick of Codemo Smallgoods Salami Veneto with your choice of Salami Black Olive, Mild or Hot and a packet (two sticks) of Kabana with flavour choices of Mild, Chilli & Garlic, Honey or Hot. 

* 1 Stick of Cacciatore-mild (approx. 450-500g)

* 1 Half Stick of Salami-Veneto (approx. 450-500g)

* 1 Packet of Kabana (2 Sticks) (approx. 280-300g)